For this Tongan family of 10, lockdown in Otara has been ‘precious’ as they’ve reconnected and caught up on some much needed sleep.

Dad Viliami (Langi), Mum Neta and their kids Manu (19), Asela (16), Bubba (12), Junior and Oli (11), Niasi (7), Marcell (4), Liami (1) and Chloe (3 months) are enjoying lockdown so much, they’re not looking forward to Level 2.

“The kids have a routine, they wake up, do their chores, then it’s school time and if they’ve behaved and gotten through their work- they can have a device or playtime,” said mum Neta, who recently had her 10th baby in February.

The family have been living off Langi’s wage subsidy and with lots of mouths to feed, the Kefu’s have had to get creative, “we do one big shop a week and buy in bulk, money is tight but we get by with making home cooked meals… we actually haven’t wanted takeaways since going to Level 3,” said Neta.

Langi is due to go back to work in Level 2 and will miss all the fun he had at home, “we’ve been doing Zumba, lots of walks and my brother-in-law got me on the push-up challenge… so I’d like to keep it up after lockdown.”

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